Marius Preda's Portfolio

I build websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
I develop the front end, taking into consideration user experience, SEO, and accessibility.
I also work with designers and back-end developers to develop the entire website.

My name is Marius Preda. I consider myself to be a creative and innovative person. I love making websites, programming, computer games, and all things electronic. Welcome to my portfolio website.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

Roger Software

About my services

My services include:
• Onsite visits, training and testing
• Phone and email support
• Weekly or monthly maintenance

My offers are:
• High quality work
• Great customer service
• Free estimates & Free consultations

I am a full-stack developer and would love to work with you on your project. Contact me below!


You can view my coding projects on my GitHub profile here:

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